Stop/slow down while I'm ahead?

Hey all,

So I've been talking to this girl for serveral weeks now. Things have been going well, and we've been on three dates so far. The last date was at my apartment and we cooked a meal together. After dinner we messed around a little. Didn't really do much else but kiss a lot. I tried a little more, but she wasn't ready for that.

Anyway, I'm starting to kind of like her at this point, and usually when that happens for me, shit starts going down hill. So, I want to seem interested but not too interested at this point with the fear that I might run her off. We've texted a few times after the last date but that's about it. I thought about not contacting her for about a week for the reasons I've stated.

She did mention that in relationships, for her, she wants the man to take the lead and take charge, and that she will not be the one to intiate anything. I also talked to her friend and she said, "we like the chase, but too much." I may be overthinking it, but I'm just thinking that I need to chill out a little bit. What do you all think?

Thanks in advance for your feedback. :)


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  • she likes games. of course you're over thinking, thats her intent. you've chosen a mind fucker.

    ou dont have much recovers in figuring out the right supposing bc whatever you do shell remain ambiguous. trying to get you to guess and do more. honestly you shop;d date someone emotionally stable. but if you insist on her id gave a talk with her. there's two of you in the relationship its absurd for her to put all the pressure on you. its also not believable bc the instant she dent like something of course you went be leading. like with how fart things went., she stopped it. she didn't follow your lead. i dont think she understands herself.

  • Let her know you want something with her, not just to hook up and to casually date, do you want to be exclusive? Perhaps start there. The chase is not fun, it's stupid really! x

    • I think it's too early to say I want to be exclusive, but there's definitely potential there. I guess I should just keep dating her and go from there.

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