I have this dilemma about my appearance?

I like to think that I'm average when it comes to appearance but everyone keeps telling me I'm super hot and wondering why I've never had a boyfriend...
The thing is that I've had countless crushes and only acted on two of them and none of them worked out- they didn't like me back.
However, two guys asked me out through their friends and I'd turned them down because I didn't find them attractive.
I just feel like everyone is lying to me about my appearance because if I was really super hot then no guy would reject me, right?


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  • I have seen plenty of beautiful women that did nothing for me sexually - wrong hair color, too tall, etc., especially concerning current movie stars/celebrities/singers none of whom turn me on in the slightest. I also have a very beautiful friend who met her current boyfriend at the beach when they both went there with their kids and started talking kid-stuff ; she related to me that when growing up, she had no boys asking her out, and I can attest that she is the proverbial 10 - her looks intimidated most men (by her admission and my ratification), so they were afraid to approach.

    by the way when guys ask women out, we usually get rejected (I would assume 8 out of 10 rejections, and sometimes it seems that it's only rejection for months at a time), so just twice on your part is not bad. In my case the 4 or 5 women that have hit on me or asked me out, all got rejected, I didn't find any of them attractive according to my taste. This is how life is: it's not that we want what we can't have, but that what we like doesn't like us back (or hardly ever does).


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  • You being pretty doesn't mean everyone will like you. We obviously can't appeal to everyone. Each person has his own preferences. I mean, Justin Bieber is hot but I prefer men like Ian Sommerhalder. And it's not a bad thing you haven't got a boyfriend yet. Relationships when you're in your teens don't hold for too long anyway.


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  • Without seeing you I can't say anything about your looks so with that I will say that looks aren't the only thing; and this that being said there is a guy out there that thinks you are the beautiful girl in the world. So don't try and rush into anything. But just because your good looking doesn't mean that every guy is going to fall all over you. There is way more things that goes into a relationship then just looks you have to Connect with the person on emotional level too;and also share common interest im life.

  • You are only 18 - you have not existed long enough to have any real experience with men... or boys, for that matter.

    I have a daughter that IS super-hot, most guys don't go for her because they know who her father is. :D


    But seriously - don't worry about this. Yeah, your friends could be lying to you. What else would they say? "Nah, you're not that hot... sorry." ?

    Or... maybe you are super hot and they are telling you the truth.

    Maybe guys are intimidated by your "hotness".

    Who knows? You're only 18, sit back and watch the show for a bit... you'll figure it out.

  • It's honestly not JUST about being hott. Like you have to click with the guy or they might be into different looks or personality. If you need an honest opinion feel free to message me, but if that many people compliment you its likely you're attractive

  • You just might not be their type. There is nothing wrong with having high standards, but if you have then be prepared to play the long game.


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  • There are people with preferences or don't know you. Maybe you don't show that you like them before jumping in

  • I model part time.
    Beauty will always be subjective.

    Some people will luuuuurve your look
    Others will hate it.
    This is life
    Peace xo