He is exclusive to me but can't take the next step to call me girlfriend. Is it time to throw the towel with this introvert?

Been dating exclusively for 4 months. He brought up the idea of being exclusive. However things hasn't been progressing and he said calling me his girlfriend is a huge step he is not prepared to and never had done with anyone before. He had been playing the field so he is the the 40 years of virgin guy you imagine him to be.

I I was about to give up but he cried and said he grew attached to me. I never knew he was I asked why he never told me? He said cos he is not the type of person who opens up to anyone. Not even to his best friend.

He he also said he is unsure of his will be long term. I said if you are my that into me o will move on. He then said he meant people around him all have failed marriage / relationships. That's why he has doubt we will last.

He said I'm the only girl who regularly spend time with him like sleeping over and cooking together. Everyone else were once a week thing.

I have met his friends but never has hung out with them. He has met some of my friends but never hung out either as he wasn't ready.

I I was going to cut my loss but his tears and his fear dos of others failed relationship made me having second thoughts.


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  • I think you should give him a choice either you two are boyfriend and girlfriend or you walk. I know it sounds rough but the way you described it he is not going to budge on his own.

    • He is trying to be more affectionate now. Since we just talked about this 2 days ago. Should I walk away now or give it other talk first?

    • If he's trying give it a little longer depending on how hard he's trying. Just don't fool yourself into thinking he's trying.

    • He is now being more affectionate and volunteer to share his day with me. looks like he is trying to open up.

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  • If you love something set it free. Walk away, if he really loves you he will find a way. He will call you and ask you to be his girlfriend. You deserve that.


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  • a guy can be shy at 25 but a guy can never be shy at 40, he is just a douchebag, just leave him and move on... find a better guy

    • He is not 40. He is 31. I meant the stereotype

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  • Cut your loss. Im in exactly the same spot and Im walking away

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