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My boyfriend and i have been dating a year. We are both 21. He has this female friend that he never dated they have been friends since they were 10. I respect and understand that he has female friends since i have guy friends. My thing is they do a lot of things that you think would be done between two people who are dating such as going to the movies just the two of them out to dinner again just the two of them. With my close guy friends while obvs i keep them and i dont completely stop the friendship when im in a relationship i make sure that i make it clear that my partners feelings comes first and is my main priority. I am dating him and looking to settle down with him not my guy friends. Where as i feel like even though i know nothing physical is going on that they have this emotional intimacy that i don't share with him. I feel as his girlfriend that i should be his number one women in terms of getting his physical and emotional needs met. Of course im not saying he can't ever rely on his girl friends for emotional support just that it weirds me out when i feel like he feels more comfortable sharing things with her over me his own girlfriend when it should be the opposite. A female friend shouldn't replace your girlfriend for emotional needs and when she starts to that is where i feel lines are being crossed. My boyfriend won't make any accomodations to put me at ease in regards to this friendship. Which hurts because i feel like as his girlfriend my feelings should be a priority over his female friends since he is dating me and working towards a future with me. I can tell you right now that if he was uncomfortable for a reasonable reason with a way i was acting with a male friend i would def put my guys feelings first and step back a little bit. What should i do?


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  • You have to give him a choice if you have tried talking to him about this and he won't change his actions its either her or you and if he chooses you great but if he chooses her he was never yours to begin with and you need to let a jerk like that go then

    • Well i don't want to make him choose they have been friends for a long time and i respect that i would never tell him he can't be friends with her i just want him to do less date like things with her and rely on me more for personal things

    • Well he doesn't seem to want to do that so you have to give him the ultimatum

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