Relationship with a Muslim guy (weird situation)?

So I am a Muslim guy and I have met an amazing girl and would really like to date her. Long story short, I ahve known her for a little while and we got together and made out semi-naked for a while but didn't actually have sex for other reasons.

However I do feel guilty since as some might now these relationships (outside marraige) aren't really allowed in Islam. But there is a way for two people to be able to get intimate without breaking any rules (at least in the sect I belong too) but it has a weird name to it, 'temporary marriage'. It basically means a relationship outside marraige (so it's seen as temporary as the end goal of a serious relationship is to get married, if that makes sense). It requires agreeing on how long it will last (basically when the couple decide to break up it ends), a dowry (can be anything, literally) and any other rules they might have.

Here is the really cheesy part, please spare me as I am already cringing inside out.

The woman would then have to say: I have wedded you myself and then she states the time period and the dowry.

Then the guy would say: I accept

Would you do it if you liked the guy? It would literally make no difference to her but only to me since she isn't a Muslim. She did kind of initiate the relationship so she is interested but I am worried I would freak her out, but I am a pretty 'cheesy' guy so I can pull it off in that way too. Otherwise I would have to stop and not let it go any further.

Guys who have been in quite a few relationships, let me know if you would give it a try if you were in my situation or if you would drop the whole thing and not do it.


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  • Why don't you just live life the way you want to. If you like her then be with her. It shouldn't be so complicated.

    • I am living it the way I want to and there is always a way to do so but sometimes it's a little weird. But would you mind giving me a yes or a no for an answer to my question? Would really appreciate the feedback.

    • I would never date a Muslim, so no.

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  • It sounds like the only goal here is to have sex dump her and have a clear conciounce is that about it?

    • Nope, its to have any sort of physical contact, so to kiss, cuddle, etc. I want to do it without feeling guilty, that's not selfish right?

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    • Well no the limit is extended until they decide to break up. Also if she gets pregnant then I am responsible for the child and if we do break up I have to do my part and provide for the child.

    • I see. If you are both over 18 I see it that it's up to you both to decide what is best

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  • that's not real marriage so no
    you are just trying to fool allah


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  • Muutah "temporary" weedings are not permitted brother
    Because it takes advantage of women

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