Would this be considered a date?

I'm friends with this girl. I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm cute. She's like a 8/10... She's gorgeous. She invited me to go swimming with her and I did and I just felt as if we were friends. I've asked her multiple times to come get lunch with me or to go hiking with me, but she was always working (she genuinely was working.. Not denying me lol).

Now my question is.. If I asked her to come get ice cream with me, would it be considered a date?

Is this the kind of relationship where we just grow as friends to the point of a relationship or is it the kind where I have to ask her out bluntly at some point?

Side note: I'm kind of quiet around her.. Just because I'm shy and nervous. Does anyone have any advice for this? I've never been friends with someone so gorgeous 🙈

Thanks for reading :)


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  • Dude, you should have put the moves on her while you were swimming.

    Ice cream alone definitely has a date vibe to it, yes.

    I say, invite her to hang out. The fact that she invited you suggests that she may be interested in you. If it was just the two of you, and you saw her in a sexy as fuck bikini, I'd say she's definitely into you. If she invited you to a secluded lake I'd say that she want's the d.

    Since she didn't come right out and say that she likes you (they never do) you shouldn't either. Just get her alone and get physical with her. The rest should take care of itself.


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  • It depends. Get ice cream and leave right away? Not really. Talk and converse, laughs, stories? That's a date.

    • Lol the ladder. I wouldn't go get ice cream and then leave right on the spot 😂

    • OK then, Have fun on your DATE 😀(if she accepts. But that's likely for a guy like you :) *that's WAS a compliment, I think you have a good personality judging by your posts. I can actually relate to you.*)

    • Thanks buddy :) I appreciate it. You're pretty cool yourself too

  • Ice cream in broad daylight? No. It's probably not a date for her. A date is more associated with evening activities. Also hiking or lunch might just lead to being good friends, they are not dates either. You have to make it clear at some point that you want a date, otherwise this is leading into a friendship.

  • If you want to be a date you should say that to her. I'm incredibly shy too so i know how hard that is but doing it will feel like such a relieve. Whenther she says yes or no at least you'll know how she feelsnand won't think "what if"

  • It's only a date if it it mutually understood
    that it is a date.