How do I know if he likes me for me not for my looks? And what should I do about him talking about his past relationships?

He always saying wow u got a big butt and u look really sexy and u are really thick. and he's my boyfriend but he know I Dont like him talking about how he has had sex with these others girls and like I'm not ready for that I want to wait till I married but like it upsets me that he talks about it a lot. should I tell him every time he does it hurts me. and plus I don't know how many he has slept with


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  • He is likely just trying to impress you and isn't thinking about what he's saying. If it bothers you then you should definitely tell him that it hurts you and just how you feel in general. If he likes you for who you are and not just how good you look then he will possibly get defensive about it but will in the end stop. If he refuses then he doesn't respect you and you probably don't want to be in a relationship with him if it hurts you that badly.


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