Girlfriends ex started hitting her up, but its a weird story. Need advice?

So I started dating this girl. Who had a ex boyfriend of 4 years before me. So they broke up in January of this year, and she said that he changed his number and blocked her on Facebook, and the only way she could message him was through email. She told me after they broke up she would send him messages through email like any heart broken person would do to try to reconcile, but he would never reply so she moved on.

This September I met her beginning of the month, and we hit it off right away, and we are really serious about each other. So just today she told me about her emailing him once they broke up and him only reading them but never replying... until last night when he replied with a "Hi, how are you doing". She told me today right away what happened and how she was over him and never wanted to talk to him again, and that she was letting me know because she wanted to be open. The funny part is I actually work side by side with him at work and I didn't know it till today, but he doesn't know I'm dating her.

My question is what should I do about this? Should I be worried that they will talk behind my back or he will try to take her from me? I mean she told me right away and she told me the truth, but I'm worried because being with someone for 4 years is different then say 2 months like us. And what would anyone else do if they were in this situation?


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  • I would say you have nothing to worry about. She told you right away which to me at least means that she wants everything out in the open with you and doesn't want to keep secrets. If he is going to try and take her from you, you'll probably know because it sounds like she'll be sharing that information with you (which would mean that he would be failing at taking her back).

    • You are totally right. She tells me every time he messages her. And she even told me the other night that we can live our life without ever having to deal with him again. I hate her ex. He got my manager involved and she was like threatening to fire me if any drama was started. And he even said he doesn't care if I date her or whatever bs.

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