My friend texts girl from my phone and she thinks it was me that texted her?

i was casually dating this girl from school and we would always hang out in her dorm and do stuff. My friend knew this and one day while i was occupied, he thought it would be fun to send her a stupid text. He sent "ayy lets Fuk" and when she responded she put "No!! wtf?" i feel that she thinks of me as a pervert now because of that. My girl friend who is her rrom mate told me she got mad when she got that text. I enjoyed what we had and kind of want to fix it. What should i do?


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  • Of course that's natural of the receiver to think like that, and it's not your fault, If the one is sending the message from someone else phone other than theirs then it's the responsibility of that person to mention their name in the message so the receiver knows that the sender is sending this message from someone else's phone and not theirs.

    Well, next time tell your friend politely to mention her name in the message that is sending to the receiver.

    • Very right

    • My friend was trying to text as if it were me. and by the time i realized it was him he wasn't their for me to make him call the girl and tell her.

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  • Have less assholes for friends for starters. You could try to explain what happened but they may think you are bullshitting.

    • i texted her that it wasn't me but didn't really explain to her. i feel its better if i tell her in person

    • That is probably a good point. If your friend is not a massive asshole you could ask him to explain it.

    • I've been telling him to explain to her but he says he wants to tell her in person but he hasn't done it yet.

  • You should explain it to her rommate who is your friend and have her vouche for you. Also make the friend that texted her admitt it and like the other guy said dont have asshole friends

    • when the girl told my friend who is her room mate, my friend told her that i wouldn't send something like that but she she still believes i sent it. I already told my friend to admit to her that he sent the text but he's lagging on it.

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    • Sounds like you're growing up sir. You can't just play around forever. Maybe you two should "date" but not call eachother boyfriend and girlfriend. Kust make it clear whether you two can sleep around with other people or not so there aren't any nasty surprises down the line

    • ill see what happens... i gotta see if what my friend did is repairable. just gonna be straightforward with her and hope for the best. Thanks bro

  • Just tell her u did that just for fun... she would b Ok with that.

    • She got pissed about the text so i dont think me telling her that it was for fun would change that.

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    • that could be a possibility but why would he do that? i was hook him up with girls so there should be no reason for that

    • You must b more popular than him in group or among girls. Even best friends are jealous and play games to spoil image