The girl i'm daring is identical to my ex?

I'm dating my ex's ex-bestfriend's sister. She is from serbia as well as my ex, so her culture, the food she cooks, her family, the music she listens to and even her clothing style and tattoos is the same as my ex. Both of them are stoners so we pretty much do exacly the same stuff when we're together. This is making me kind of depressed because it's been exactly a year since i met my ex and we dated for 6 months, and now, a year later i'm at that exact same spot, but with a different girl. It feels as if im stuck on a loop. She talks about her "home country" very often and i've heard all before. She takes me out to eat serbian food and i've eaten the same stuff a year ago. But i still like her, she's very beautiful and so nice and respectful (my ex wasn't respectful at all) and she is great in bed in a Sasha-grey-stiffler's-mom-death-by-snu-snu kind of way. Should i break it off with her?


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  • It doesn't seem like you can move on from your ex and being with someone that reminds you of her doesn't help. I would suggest leaving her.


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