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I shouldn't laugh but can't help it,
I've dabbled in the weird and wonderful world of online dating, everyone is so fake, only want sex, plain weird, to old, to young or Want to wear my tights! The one date I managed to pull together that I felt interested in to meet the man turned out to be my ex pretending to be someone else, thankfully didn't meet him i would have punched his face in.
Im thinking its me, am I undateable that these men in the online dating world, don't see me as girlfriend material?

I'm so shy that in person if I'm approached by a male in a bar or club that is interested in me I literally hide in the toilets all evening. looking at ways to boost my confidence to be comfortable round the opposite sex even if it doesn't land me a partner it sure beats sitting on a toilet all night staring at my feet lol

So any tips or suggestions would be gratefully received.


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  • ... above average to pretty girls don't have this issue with online dating.

    • Didn't ask for comments on my looks thanks, I might not be above average or pretty but I'm a good person and that was uncalled for

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    • Any more insults you want to throw at me? I usually find that people that insult others usually have issues within themselves. Who I am is me I can't change me, I can't change how others view me either, I only asked a question on how to improve my confidence and the stupid thing I did was ask online.

    • no, no, no. write her this...

      Waited on you for so long
      Too many days since January
      I’m still sitting here alone
      We shoulda did this already
      said I gotta email today
      kinda thought that you, forgot about me
      but I wanna hit you back too say
      just like you, I get lonely

      I could really get to know you
      take my time and show you
      don’t tell anybody what we do
      when I get lonely

      Take Me,
      to another place where I’ll be
      face to face, just you and me
      with no rules, just like you
      I get lonely too ooh ooh
      hoo ooh hoh, hoo ooh hoh
      just like you
      I get lonely too ooh ooh
      hoo ooh hoh
      just like you
      I get lonely

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  • Do you think if you understand men better and what they want it would make you a little less nervous? Not all guys are the same I had the exact same problem and I read a book it helped me so much. I keep recommending it here because all the questions I see can be helped with it. The main idea is for men to respect you. Not to think you're too high maintenance or too psychotic followed up by too needy and insecure. You also don't want to come across too independent and confident either. It helped me find the middle ground the right amount of praise confidence etc - the book is why men love bitches and not bitch in the term we use it. I found it brilliant and so have friends