Girls, Does she like me? How can I tell her I like her without it being awkward after I told her "I can't tell you who I like"?

So when we were hanging out together we were talking about much stuff (from awkward stories, things we like/dislike etc, we both mentioned our (ex)-relationships). Then she suddenly ask if i like a girl. I said yes. When she proceeded by asking me "who is she", i can't tell you. (oh my god im so stupid...). She told me she will tell who she likes if i tell her who i like. We didn't tell each other... First, could she be into me? Second.. how can i now tell her that i like her (i have to do it, even if she dislikes me.. i wanna tell her by the next chance) without it being awkward because i said i can't tell her.. Same day she complimented my lips for being perfect for lipstick.. is this flirting?

I am really confused around her, not like i was around other girls..



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  • You should tell her your feelings