Am I overthinking or could he be over me?

I've been talking to a guy I met while travelling a month ago. Im home now and he's still away.
Anyway, I realise people have other priorities while travelling but he was messaging me every day and would say things which I thought made it pretty obvious that he liked me, to the point where he was saying how he only missed me and liked me and wasn't interested in any girls there.
Anyway yesterday I messaged him and he replied over a day late with just a short reply and thats it.
I said to him Okay then, safe travels :) You'll have to tell me about it when you're free, I don't want to bother x
Then he read it and didn't reply...

Could he have in a matter of a day or two suddenly gotten over me? Or could I be overthinking it?
I just feel like an idiot for putting myself out there because I feel so let down now :(
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