Do Men Need Space As Things Get More Serious?

We've been together for a few months now, and we've been really happy. He's even mentioned us getting married someday & I have been very honest & said while its something I want, not right now. I'm just not ready & I know neither is he. But we haven't talked in a few days & I know he's busy at work, but he also admits he's passive aggressive & ignores people when he's mad. Should I give him space to clear his mind, maybe he's afraid of things being too serious? Or should I ask him if he's mad? Or is this the start of a breakup?


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  • Sounds like the beginning of something, because relationships do not need space unless there's a problem that needs sorting out, x

    • That's the weird thing; I've thought about it & he hasn't shown any of his normal "I'm mad" cues or been distant (we've known each other for many years). Until this weekend, he's been very attentive & loving. Even last week he was helping me around my house & having dinner with my family & offering to houses it while I go on vacation. I literally don't get it.

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    • I can't tell if he's just too busy to talk, or it's something deeper. He's been working all weekend & it's only been two days & like, one text he didn't answer. I'm probably reading too much into nothing tbh. But I want to understand more so that I won't worry. I hope that makes sense.

    • I shouldn't worry to much, because if he can ignore you, then there's nothing that needs yours and his attention immediately, so nothing really major is going on, he's just having a school boy paddy/tantrum maybe, because in my eyes, if you have issues, then ignorance is not the way its sorted out, so let him get over it, let him break the silence, by then I'm sure all will be fine, x

  • It's always good to have some space and time to ourselves in a relationship to gather our thoughts


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