Why do women on Tinder get surprised when hoards of men only want sex?

The app is a hook-up app, what did you expect...


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  • I'm not surprised, I expect it. It's why I'm actively using it right now.

    What surprises me is the lack of... game most guys have. Like they don't even try to be classy, 97% of all conversations I have on there start off with guys telling me:

    - I like thick chicks
    - I like big boobs

    When I tell them my boobs are average at best, every single one (I fuck you not) so far has replied back with "I'll be the judge of that."

    There's no originality. It takes the fun out of the game when I can put my answers in a copy + paste format.


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  • I've wondered this too 😕

    It would be like signing up for Christian Mingle and being surprised that there's no atheists on the site.


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  • Good question. I don't use Tinder for that very reason (I am not looking for casual sex). A guy friend of mine was looking for a girlfriend not a ONS, and asked why girls on there only wanted to hook up. I told him to look at the app... that's it's main purpose. It might try to shift into actual dating app, but I still consider it a hook up app.


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  • most of them aren't open to the idea when they initially joined, I assume, they had hopes for a real relationship type thing instead of a first message saying "wanna fuck?" lol.

  • lol at you guys.

    Women complain because they like complaining, kind of like how you like sports. You watch the entire game bitching about how the refs made the wrong call or whatever, but you sure as hell are going to watch that entire fucking game -- you aren't actually upset or not enjoying the experience.

    Same thing with girls. They bitch about how a guy approached, but it's the same thing as a ref blowing a call or something like that. And they do it convey to other women (especially) that they're desirable and that men just can't help themselves around her.

    Look at what's happening beneath the surface, bro. Tinder is a girl's fucking dream.

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