Is it possible to get back with a person you used to be seeing?

Let's say the timing was wrong at that point or whatever. Do you believe it is possible to get back with each other? Like what are the odds? I sometimes think about a guy I was seeing but we drifted apart and to this day I still like him. Since it's not a break up I assume it would be easier.


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  • It's possible.

    I have a good friend who's wife left him. He ended up with another smoking hot girlfriend that was absolutely perfect in every way.

    But his ex came back and now they're married again. And judging from his FB posts, they are BOTH in the kind of love that is just so silly, that it's cute.

    Impossible to score the odds. He may actually have been thinking about you all this time.

    I don't see what you have to lose in trying. Find a way to put yourself in his personal space and see what he does. What I'm saying is... make contact with him and just act interested. You know... give him the eyes... see if he starts acting all goofy.

    What do you have to lose?


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  • I think there is a possibility, however it really depends on why it ended and it just depends on how you reconnect, and how that works out!

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