Any girls here lose interest in a guy after you ask them out?

I'm very attractive but I never been asked out by anyone I'm interested in so I just have been asking out guys. I'm not as nervous about it as I use to be. I get butterflies and I'm excited when I do it but after I asked them out it gets dull. After a date or two the guys seem boring to me even if they are funny and we have things in common. Its weird. I lose a lot of interest right after I ask them out. And I feel less desired in a sense. I don't feel very feminine. -_- the guys are usually really nice. But I feel miserable.


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  • that's normal, it happens to guys. when guys are the ones mainly taking the initiative, we like you at first, but then when we get to know you we come to a decision point, do we genuinely like you or not, and when we don't we lose interest. since you did the initiating you took place in our shoes. its not a bad thing, you're just trying on different clothes at the store. just keep doing what you want to do, remember, if you ask the guy out, you get to choose which guy you want to be with, not waiting for the right guy to choose you.


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  • Nope. I asked my boyfriend out, we're still together for almost 2 years and I obviously have not yet lost interest in him.
    Maybe you should think if you really like the guy or not before asking him out, since it sounds like you're asking a new one out on the regular so... quality over quantity.

    • You mean try to become friends first?

    • yeah or get to know them for a while before hand so you know the odds of him accepting are in your favour. If you ask a guy out shorty after you just met him, like 1-2 weeks after, of course you'll probably lose interest because he's basically still a stranger with whom you don't even know of any shared interests you guys might have.

    • That makes sense. Thank you! I'll try this.

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  • Well it depends on the guy. you need to find a guy who purse his passion in life. you won't lose interest in him :).. but to hang out with typical guys from school/college/work they're usually boring people in my opinion.

  • because thats not your purpose of life. there is one Guy that can ever become boring to you. but it depends on you to decide to approach Him.

    • I don't understand the last sentence :/ I might be approaching them wrong you mean?

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    • I go to church sometimes and I'm Christian and everything but I don't think thats my problem and I'm not a nun.

    • there is no "i'm a little bit christian". you either are or not. are premarital relationships a sin or not? your answer will determine if you know what christianity says or not. Christ said that even if you desire someone in your heart is fornication. true or not? or you believe in a "watered down version" of god's word? maybe you expect to go in a "watered down heaven" as well?

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