My friend is getting with my ex :// should I be annoyed?

Today I found out one of my close friends is getting with my ex boyfriend, we only broke up two weeks ago and went out for almost 4 months!!
honestly I'm more bothered by her doing this than him because I broke up with him. I can see why she's likes him because he is really nice , funny and attractive and stuff, but she didn't even tell me I found out from somebody that gets my school bus. I feel like she has kind of manipulated him as he went to talk to her AS A FRIEND for support after we broke up, and now they're getting together!!! ... okay I now realise I'm probably not fully over him, is it normal to be so bothered by this? I told her it was okay and they would be cute together because obviously i didn't want I be mean or anything, she then said that him an I were cute together which makes me miss him ughhh :/// She told me all of his friends said that I was better than her (idk if that means I'm nicer or prettier or whatever, she is pretty well known for gossiping and stuff and doesn't have a great reputation) is it just me that thinks it's wrong for her to do this or should I get over it?

Also earlier today she was talking about this guy she was 'sexting' who isn't my ex, and ofc I care about the guy I used to go out with because we where really good friends, and I don't want her to use him because he's quite vulnerable. Should I confront her or not?


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  • She should definitely have talked to you about it first. Not because she needs your permission or anything, but because it's the nice and friendly thing to. As a heads up. But now you've talked it out so there's no point in holding a grudge over it. You made your bed. If you still have feelings for him, you shouldn't have broken up with him. It's something you should think long and hard about, unless breaking up is the obvious choice (in case of cheating for example).
    Not much else you can do at this point except move on.

    • Confront her about the sexting and tell her that it's not cool of her to play around like that and give false hope. If she doesn't take you seriously, you should probably tell your ex about what she's doing.

    • Yeh, I don't want to look jelouse so I think I'll just ask her if she feels it's serious, thanks though :)

    • I know you don't want to come off as jealous, but what's more important? Your image or his feelings? Think about that for a while.

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  • Omg almost the same thing happened to me.. its terrible how u feel right now iv been there :broken heart :
    She's a bad friend
    Try to expose her.. but without seeming obvious about it.. let everyone know who she really is , but dont get caught..
    Be careful

    • Yeh it kinda feels weird ahah, I don't know I think I'll just let bc I don't want to hert her y'know

    • Ur a kind person
      Selfish people live longer
      I hv a friend like her , manipulative , controlling and likes to gossip a lot.
      We r apart now she hurt me in so many ways.. dont let her hurt u anymore
      Please look out for ur self dear

  • that would really annoy me as well, that's very soon and it feels like your trust/friendship has been broken. Something very similar happened to me.