Girls OVER 20 ONLY, honestly would you date me?

Ok, so i've not had much luck with the ladies generally and i'm really beginning to think something is wrong with me so i'm going to be basically writing a profile on myself and can you tell me if you'd date me

by the way i'm not fishing for sympothy here (well i sorta am) if you wouldn't date me, just say no and why


- Silm Build
- Neck length brown hair
- Green/Blue Eyes
- Longish neck
- Pronouced Adams Apple
- Not much muscle but stronger than i initally look


- Typical Geek
- Loves to dance
- Plays guitar
- Hopeless Romantic
- Can be kind of shy and nervous
- Wants to expierance the world
- Sexually Inexpieranced but really open to new things

What i look for in a girl

This tends to change a lot but there are a few things that tend to stay

- Be a geek / accepting of geeks in general
- Be sexually expiremental
- Hourglass figure
- Long hair
- No kids
- Long Term relationship (if the connection is there possible marridge)

- friends with benefits depending on my 'wants' at the time - i'm more for a relationship than a friends with benefits but we all have needs from time to time

Anymore information needed? feel free to PM me and i'll answer


Most Helpful Girl

  • All sounds normal and nice. =)
    The thing is - no idea really until a person actually meets you and experiences your personality.

    • I don't even get responses on dating sites so...

    • As I understand it dating sites are more for hookups and ego boosts - not for actual dating.

    • Haha well i don't get any real luck on Tinder either

      But i don't really have much option currently other than dating sites

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What Girls Said 2

  • I would give you date, why not 😊

  • yes I would date a guy like u because I don't want kids and I don't smoke or do drugs

    • Don't want kids at all?

    • no I never like little kids or babies cause they screem at the top of there lungs and yell and cry a lot and plus babies can throw up on u

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