Is this a dumb question to ask a girl you just went on a date with?

I just went on a date with my best friend of 7 years. We went to the movies and the whole fucking time I never tried to put my arm around her, classic regular stuff right. I was so relaxed that I was just being myself the whole damn time and that kept making her giggle. But at the same time I was so freaking nervous that I never tried to get too close to her other than just leaning close to her... WOW that was my move... yea. Never kissed her, gave her a hug goodbye... multiple. I want to know if I should have tried to do more with her, like just hold her hand or something. she's nervous, it's taken 7 months since I told her how I felt about her for this first date to happen. I don't want to push for too much to happen too quickly and screw that up. Should I ask or try talking to her about that? or do you think it's just cold feet or going further than I have after being friends for so long?

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  • It's understandable that both of you were nervous. Maybe next time you date you'll be a little less nervous and will be able to get closer to her :)

    You guys didn't talk at all after that date?

    • A little bit, she went to the bathroom and kept telling me I didn't have to wait for her.

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  • Although i dont have much experiance with this kinda of stuff but what you are probably taking too long for it, i get it its a bit awkward to start the relationship with a long term friend but 7 month after confession seems a bit too long!
    I would just suggerst next time during a movie (or something) ask her do you mind if i (action-e. g. put my arm around you?-with some what of a shy voice), If:
    -no: oh sry bout that then
    -yes: put arm in confertable position and ask if thats ok!
    but what you should do is just be honest and just BE YOUR SELF!
    GL 2 U in the future!!!


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  • It's difficult to date a girl you are friends with, because you can't really make out with a friend. You might be in a kind of mutual friend zone. From the details I don't really know if there is any chemistry between you both. If she was hiding in the bathroom that's probably not a good sign.

  • She already likes u as a person and has some attraction for you... don't be shy, make your move! :-D

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