I dont know when to text girls?

Now, let me rephrase. I know how to text females like flirting, basic convo, etc. but I dont exactly know when. Please dont give me any of that crap where you should only "text with a purpose" or only use "10 texts or less in a conversation" because I did that and lost a great girl. Keep in mind that im 18, so if you're around my age you will be the most help. I also see my friends texting girls who they dont even date 24/7. How does it ever get to this point? Please just help me out I can get a girl when I figure this out its killing me. Thanks.

also i i know a girl is interested should i text her everyday? and for how long?


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  • I would say to start off slow don't text her 24\7 if your not dating she most likely not going to want to do that don't push a conversation that isn't there text her a little bit each day and build a connection with her then after that you can start texting her more and more... With this girl that you know is interested in you if you like her to then by all means text her but don't text her and not talk to her in person make sure you try to get to know her personally and not behind a phone so text her and she if she would like to do see a move or go get dinner or even just take a walk around her neighborhood and not every date has to be one-on-one take her out with a group of people

  • I don't text women at all...