Whats going on with her?

She comes to see me at work last night and grabs me hugs and kisses me like she had not seen me in years. We talk for a few. Then another hug and kiss like the first and she tells me to call her so we can talk on her way to work.

She and I laugh and cut up the whole way until she gets to work. She doesn't want to say goodbye but we do and she tells me to give her a bit to get everything ready for her shift then text her. We have great conversation back and forth. Out of the blue she tells me two songs to check out one about missing your s. o. and having your way with them next you see them, and the other about a guy asking a girl just for her time and everything that is meant to be will fall into place. We talked about those songs and why she liked them so much

Shortly after that she got busy and then messaged me. we started talking about other songs and things she brought up but her replies started getting shorter and shorter as well as less frequent. I mentioned to her that she had me smiling all night. To which she asked how. I answered with the seeing me at work and the hug and kiss, basically just by you being you is how I finished my reply. She responded Awe thank you with a blushing smile face. Then nothing for a few hours.

I waited until about 30 min or so before she got off to let her know i was still up because we usually talk on her way home as well. She responded with a simple k. That time passes not a word. I wait up until well past the time it usually takes her to drive home and still nothing. Shortly after 10 she messages me she seems very irritated and short and sweet unlike her usual responses. We talked about an issue with her ex and before I could even say anything good or bad she said dont worry i got this, and that she was a better mom and dad in one than he was a father. we talk for about an hour then she says she's beat and going to bed. She was just fine on second then the next something was obviously bothering her , yet she wouldn't talk to me about it like usual. Why would she be like that all the sudden when the night had gone so well?


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  • That's a tough one. It could be literally anything. She could have had a bad day and just needs some time... It could be that you said something wrong... It could be that she is generally just tired... The only way to find out is to ask. Communication is key to a relationship anyway.

    • That it is ill agree, she just gets to these points where she lets herself get soo worked up and stressed she takes it out on others unintentionally, or she pretty much just shuts down

    • I asked and she said she has some things on her mind and that she was sorry she wasn't being much cmpany, she started to open up and closed right back down again.

    • Believe it or not, but that type of reaction is quite common. I know so many girls that are the same. They push themselves so hard but then refuse to let others in to help them. Hell, I do it to some extent. I think you need to support her, let her know that no matter what you will be by her side and when she tries to push you away, tell her she can't. Gain her trust and when you do, she will open up further.

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