Why does he insist on teasing me?

First things first, I am a 20yr old girl & I'd like to think I am fairly attractive. I am thin but not unhealthy at all. I just like to go for the natural girl next door look but I have never had a hard time with guys, in fact its been almost too easy.

Anyways this guy. We are friends I guess, we meet a few weeks ago and just seem to be getting closer after a few late night drunken talks. Our friend group is mostly girls and I have noticed that he picks on me the most.

Seriously. He always finds something. Tonight we were eating and although I didn't really say anything to him he still felt the need to pick on me. He was teaching the other girls german and in his sentence he was teasing me about my cooking. I wasn't even part of the conversation!

He also is always telling me that I am too skinny and that I should eat more. I know people say that boys that like you tease you but I feel like he should compliment me more as well. Plus he told me he wasn't interested, to which I informed him was perfectly alright because I had to interest in him what so ever.

It might just be that my ego is a little bruised, I normally only receive complements from guys for my looks so this it unusual for me. Even the other girls have noticed that I am his favorite to pick on. Also its not in like a bro manor, he acts like that with another girl in our group so I see the difference.

I mean he does touch me a lot. He has put his hand on my face, when I joked about being a bro he did like a soft arm punch and laughed, he will almost always sit/stand so he is facing me, we will make weird faces at each other, really just mess around. He winks and smiles at me a lot so I don't if its friendly or if he actually likes me.

Just confused so some help would be great.


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  • He's probably flirting. A lot of flirting behavior resembles elementary school stuff, teasing, tickling etc. I bet he likes you and thats why he's doing it.


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