Hey ladies what do you like as a gift? Something small and something you like?

What is a good gift you like, something small for now. I'm going out to dinner with my girlfriend this Saturday and i wantesd to give her something small. I can't think of anything lol, i suck at gifts. What is something you like?


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  • Chocolate <3

    Uhm... if she is crazy and doesn't like chocolate maybe a little figurine of her favorite animal, a small bottle of perfume (nothing too expensive), a pair of earrings on sale (kohls has cheap earrings that are silver plated), a tiny canvas painting or canvas with words, a tiny picture frame with a picture of you two.

    • thanks for the idea's! i think chocolate would be good when i drop her off. i was thinkning when i see her to give her some flowers too. Is this to much?

    • I love flowers. Flowers are a great gift.

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