Learning to cook for your SO?

I'm not a bad cook. Most of what I cook turns out really well but I don't cook anything too complicated usually for just myself so my experience is limited to maybe once good meal a month. Now that I have a partner I like to spend week nights with I'm cooking much more often.

Have any any of you been through this process? The dishes turn out well I just fall short on ideas sometimes. I'm used to eating in restaurants so I guess my expectations are kind of high. I'm not big on dishes like tuna surprise. LOL 😋


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  • Cooking is my main hobby since I've stopped working. I try do do the things I like to eat out and for me its Tex-Mex. I start with a recipe that I think will be close then go from there. Its by far the hardest to perfect I've ever tried. I have some perfected that's even better than I've had out but its taken a lot of failures to get there. Ask your other what he likes and get back with me and maybe I can help you out. I've perfected many things other than Tex-Mex


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  • just keep trying or go to cooking class

    • I know how to cook I just mean learning to cook regularly I guess. Like on Sindays or whenever I'm going grocery shopping I have to be like what am I going to make and what do I need. I'm used to just eating take out most nights and only cooking when I feel like it so the hardest part is just deciding what to cook.

      Once I've decided it turns out well... But I know at some point I need simpler dishes. I can't spend 1h30 and $40 per meal.

    • i know what you mean but if you're like me sometimes it takes someone showing/reminding you how to get you motivated and feeling like you can do it as part of your everyday routine. a lot of girls here take cooking class when they get married.

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  • I'm useless at cooking. I burned myself like three times in one night and got banned from cooking, so I'm pretty sure he doesn't want me in the kitchen long enough to figure out how to cook. Maybe try just following a few basic food blogs and see the recipes they post.

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