Is he leading me on?

so the me and the guy I like only have one class together, but he usually comes and sits by me. he walks with me to lunch and always gets the doors for me. we talk all the time. we've only hung out a couple times because he has sports and he works. he's getting his license soon, but for now I give him rides home from school. he was talking to my best friend and he told her he was going to ask me out on new years eve. it didn't happen cause I already made plans and ended up not seeing him. the next time he talked to me friend he told her he liked me a lot and was going to ask me out the next day. he tells her this and then she tells me but it still hasn't happened. he knows I like him cause I told him, and he has told me he likes me and thinks we would be great together. (I've liked him for a while, but he just started saying he liked me around new years eve) lately when I drop him off at his house after school we've been kissing goodbye. is this just a fling for him, is he leading me on, or do you think he'll ask me to be his girlfriend soon?


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  • what end up going on?