What is he waiting for?

So there is this guy at work that I am crazy aboutand he has made it obvious he also likes me. Like the other day I found out that he has been coming into my office area on a regular basis asking about where I am and it isn't work related. The biggest problem is he seems just as scared and nervous as I am because our connection can get pretty intense. We have a tendency to go into eachothers intimate zones when the opportunity allows it. Also, my office is really crowded and getting any alone time is near impossible. And when we do talk he likes to talk softly just so only the 2 of us hear the convo. A few weeks back I decied to poke the sleeping bear and send him a text that said I like you and I think we could a very good friendship (along with dating) and that there is no pressure that i only wanted him to know that there was an open door if was interested. He never texted back but his behaviorchanged to being way more confident which scares me bc I think he has figured out my weakness is eyes and knows how to draw me in. He is very big on locking eyes and holding it for a long time. What i like is that he never lowers his eyes to look me up and down at those times, he just holds eye contact. So the problem is it has been awhile and he still is around as much as he can manage and stares all the time and always looks at me with softened eyes. He hasn't made a move and I am not sure why. I can't tell if he is just scared or if the right time has just not come up for us to talk long enough so he can ask me out. And why won't he text me back?


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  • It sound to me like he likes you and is just scard to say it. I'm not sure why he never texted you back it could just be that it Took him by surprise and he just didn't know what to say. im sure he is just waiting for the right time to ask you out. But it might end up with you haven't to be the one to ask him out

  • Why don't you ask him out?


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