When do guys deactivate their online dating profile?

I met a guy 5 weeks ago on OkCupid, we have been dating and I really like him.
We spent this entire weekend together and had a great time. He told me he really likes me and that he wants us to be together. However, he never really actually asked me to be his girlfriend.

I thought things were going great! I logged onto my OkC account and saw that he is still active and logging on.

I've told him several times that I really like him, that I am not pursuing anyone else and that I deactivated my account. Is he just keeping me around until he finds something better online?


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  • They keep it active but hide their profile.


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  • They don't
    they go to one you don't know about, so they can keep meeting "friends " cause even though that's how they met you and you started off as a friend your different
    you have no reason to think other wise right?