Is my boyfriend in love with me?

We started dating a month ago but we became official a few days ago. Ever since we started dating he would be really sweet and with me. Like he tells me in his language Spanish that I am a very kind girl and he likes spending time with me. Also he constantly picks me up in his arms and carries me. He always wants us to hang out before work (we're both coworkers) at the park and we would snuggle up together and he would give me random kisses all the time. Like he would wrap his arms around my waist and then kiss me on my cheeks and sometimes take my hand and kiss it. He likes kissing my neck a lot because he knows I feel good whenever he does it. And one time He wrapped his arms around me and I said "I'm fat right here" pointing to a part of my body and he was like "doesn't matter, you're perfect to me" then kissed me on my cheeks. Also, since we don't have the same lunch breaks, sometimes he would sneak away from his job just to be with me during my lunch break. We sit on the church steps and kissed, talk, and snuggle with each other.

Another thing was when we were snuggling together and I was on his lap this man passed by with his daughter was like "you two must be really in love if you're doing that" and he smiled and seem to be happy that the man said that.

Do you guys think he's in love with me? Oh and to people saying he only wants sex I already told him I won't have sex if I'm not married and he says that's okay. Also if it matters I'm 19, almost 20 and he just turned 22. Do you think he is in love with me?


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  • Come on young lady!. Of course he is in love with you. At least according to me the signs are very good and clear as well. You don't need to doubt that.


    Sometimes there are questions that shouldn't have to be asked. This is one of them.


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