Guys! HELP! I wanna get it but I don't, I need help navigating?

Im having a baby with my ex boyfriend, we've been broken up for almost 2mths, he keeps on posting things then thanking this girl for her help, I dont know what to do, It makes me feel real jealous cause the only interaction I have with him is once a month at a dr. appt and he doesn't talk to me otherwise. But if i delete him then he gets weird about it. I just dont know what to do.


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  • 1. This is one of the consequences of having a baby with someone who is not your spouse.

    2. This guy will be involved with you for the rest of your life (if he is a responsible father.) You need to get over your jealousy for the sake of your child. This is no longer about you.

  • If he is not going to be man enough to help you raise the baby and is talk to another girl then I would try to get as far away from him as I could Without breaking any laws but I would delete and block him from all social media

    • i wanna do that, im just trying not to rock the boat until i get away

    • Ya don't rock the boat if he feel like you trying to kick him out of your life and get the baby away from him then he could try and turn this into a big legal case just to be a jerk. Don't do everything at once but you need to slowly start working your way out if you thinks that what's best for both you and the baby

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