Can't Seem to Get This Whole "Dating Game" and "Playing" Thing. Help?

I'm new to the dating world, about a year into it. Why? Because I've been focusing on my career, and now that I have a good one, I think it's time to have some fun. To give you perspective, I am a 23 year old Director of Marketing and Sales for a wireless company. Pretty cool, huh?

Well after trying the Tinder game out and going on a few dates, I learned that I get very nervous when talking in person. I was rejected a lot in high school because of my weight (luckily that isn't an issue anymore), and I'm seeing it takes a lot for me to ask a girl to hang out. I've overcome the whole "they're a different species" mindset... for the most part.

This whole "playing games" thing that you girls do is pretty confusing, and I'll give you an example to illustrate my predicament (I have many, but this is the most clear). I'm talking to a very nice girl who wanted to hang out, and luckily for me, asked me to teach her how to golf (I'm probably already missing a hint there). She lived over an hour away, and so I tell her we should save it for the next weekend when there is more time. She messages me saying "Are you sure you don't want to rage tonight?" I ask her what she means by "rage" and she responds with grabbing a drink.

First Confusion: Totally surprised, I ask her if she wants me to come up there or if she wants to come down to where I live. She responds, "Ew this distance thing is more annoying than it needs to be." Doesn't help answer the question at all, so I re-ask and she answers "I am agreeing with you that the distance is far." Still doesn't help at all, so at this point I just assume she doesn't want to come down here.

Second Confusion: Since she is an hour away, I ask if I can crash at her place if I come up. I don't drink and drive and am a planner, so I wanted to make sure I was safe. She responds with "Yaaaaaaaaa no that's not going to work for me", and "So you're saying this distance thing isn't going to work out?" What a turn of events, and no I never said that. Fed up with the confusion, I ended the conversation with "Yeah, I can't drink and drive so I guess this isn't going to work out", getting a final response of "Understandable".

My questions are these: (1) What the fack do all of those responses mean, (2) What the fack was going through her head, and (3) Do you have any tips for a guy that is very linearly-minded for playing this so called game?



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  • Does she know what you do? I'm assuming as the Director of Marketing you have a business card. Women dig that shit.

    • I tend to leave that out now, because another date I went on recently, a girl physically yawned and told me that she was getting bored, saying I was preaching. I don't want to seem like I am boasting or anything, I just want girls to like me for who I am, not what I can do.

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