What should I do?

so, I'm 15 years old. me and my outfield have been dating for almost four months. in the past he has cheated on me. not the kissing or anything. just flirting and holding hands.. like that. but still it's the same terms in my book. he's done this once before, which was flirting. this past week he went on fall break to the beach to Panama City with his family, and he met a couple of girls down there. and this one girl... he keeps talking to her. he didn't do anything with her.. but he talks to her all the time and brings her up in all of our conversations and I'm tired of it. I don't feel comfortable with him talking to her and I told him this. what makes it worse is that she has feelings for him. she flirts with him a lot and he says he doesn't flirt back but I don't know. he said that his mind and body and gut is telling him to stop talking to her but he just can't. I don't understand why he can't. if I was in his situation and he was hurting because of it... I would stop communicating with a guy I just met a week ago. I don't know what to do, can someone please help me out.


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