Do you ever find that the ones you like don't like you back and vice versa?

I've been using dating sites for quite a bit but nothing meaningful ever came from them and what I thought was gonna be my first relationship, i ended up being rebounded.

After the whole rebound situation happened, I've dated many girls from those sites but have come to find that the ones who I like end up flaking or disappearing after one date or two whereas the others I'm not into wanna keep seeing me and will reach out to me a lot even if I put no effort into them.

Not to sound entitled or whiny, but it's just I can't really settle for the ones I'm not really into. People have said to give the ones I don't really like or feel no excitement for a chance but I've done that and it does nothing for me. I think it's wrong to settle because you're giving the other person false hope and they'll keep messaging you as long as you respond.

That at being said, usually the ones I end up not liking use misleading pictures. I'm not the pickiest person and don't have super high standards but they gotta be somewhat attractive. Same with a girl who is attractive but doesn't have anything in common and is so quiet and does nothing to further the conversation. It's easier to end it with someone who's not talkative because if they're not talking then nothing is said.

What should I change to have better results? I'm not saying change who I am or put on a front to impress others but rather change how I go about things.


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  • Probably improve your looks and become more sexually attractive to women. The hotter you are the more interest you'll get from women.

    • That's the thing though, I've been told I'm cute/hot from many women but nothing really came from it. Clearly appearance isn't the issue.

    • Maybe you aren't sexy acting. Like do you flirt are you hitting on her and being overtly sexual? Make her think of sex around you and don't be too nice and friendly. Not a rude asshole but be more Fonzie and less Richie Cunningham. Maybe that could be it?

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  • You'll get over it. :(

    • What is that supposed to mean? It's not that I'm dwelling over the fact in the question but it's been an ongoing thing and I just don't see the point in dating people just for the sake of having someone especially when I don't even feel the least bit of excitement.

    • ... that;s why you can't take anyone serious during dating.

    • I don't take it too seriously, but still.

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  • LOL! almost always! it's mutual about 2% of the time only.

    • Yeah people are saying it's more common than you think. I've had a friend tell me I had commitment issues by going on too many dates, and it's not commitment issues at all. It's like why would I commit to someone I don't feel a physical attraction to or emotional connection to? And the ones I do like and would commit to, not right away or early on, flake after a date or two.