What are signs that he's serious about me?

I'm pretty certain he's at least somewhat serious about me since we've been dating 10 months and we've met each other's kids (we each have one). We do things with the kids frequently. He's fairly attentive and texts or contacts me almost everyday. He hasn't said I love you, nor have we met each other's families yet. Those two things have me wondering. Then again I haven't said I love you either... But he makes other plans with me, like let's go to Tahoe this winter or get your daughter a new bike so we can go on bike rides all four of us. I still have my doubts as to him being serious... my own insecurities perhaps. I love him, and i know he loves me just by his actions...


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  • Well, if you can trust him by his actions then why don't you want to believe it 100%?

    • Because it's almost been a year and we haven't met family yet.

    • Yes, I can understand why you wouldn't want to believe it. However there is a possibility here, if you are interested in knowing that?

    • Yes... I. would like to know?

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