So when is too soon into dating to ask to be boyfriend and girlfriend?

To be brief, I've never dated anyone before the girl I'm dating right now, and we both really like eahother, we honestly haven't met in person much... it's a very long story as to why we're just now meeting in person,, but that's a wholllle other mess...

Anyway we're both very into eachother, I just don't know when it's too soon to ask since she's the first girl I've ever dated.


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  • how long have you been acquainted?

    anyhow there's no trop soon. if you're both into it then got for it. worst happens is full break up. i always find being together is more fun when everyone knows whats going on. im not into ambiguity or intrigue id rather just have it above board. and if i liked a guy i wouldn't be interested in another guy so there's no reason to keep it casual basically casual means you're open to seeing other people. if you dont want to then go ahead be boyfriend and girlfriend. its not like your getting married. there's not much to consider... doe she like me, beyond do i like her:) honestly dk why people make such a huge deal put of relationships. you get into them to see how yo like it. seeing how you like it before getting into it its just bizarre and uselessly time consuming.

    • Well we've known eachother for a year... but for a long portion of that time we didn't talk... to be very quick with the story, we both really liked eachother, but neither of us knew that the other was into eachother, me because I had no experience being liked and was getting out of an awkward phase, her because she was going through sme issues with drugs and stuff and couldn't imagine she was good enough for me. She ended up getting with her ex who forbade her to talk to other guys and we feel apart, eventually he put her in the hospital... she said the screen shots of our conversations were the only things that kept her going...
      We both figured the other one hated eachother for a while until on a spur I contacted her a couple months back, So though we've known eachother a year we've only communicated for about 5-6 months

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    • I'll be sure to give you an update :)
      Really? that's awesome and good to know lol. She's told me she feels the same way, sooo yeah I'll totally give you the update!

    • great!

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  • Don't ask her at all. Wait for her to ask you.

    • Why's that?
      She sort of has anxiety so I'm not entirely sure she would ask me

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    • Fair enough. I have nothing but the best wishes for both of you.

    • @Azara thank you

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  • I always thought that you were considered boyfriend and girlfriend after the first date