The girl your parents like?

Suppose you would consider a girl dateable, "would you like her more" if your parents where really intrigued by her. Not that you let her meet your parents , say you all often see each other? Would you rather be with her than anyone else?


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  • My parents are pretty awesome people so yeah I guess I do take what they have to say about who I am dating into consideration. I have only ever brought a few girls home but the girl I am with now they absolutely adore and chances are pretty good I will end up marrying her.

    • I like this guy and his parents invited me to stay longer for dinner, his mom really seems to like me around, I wasn't there for him so if course he probably could care less, but at once point in time he seemed to like me too..

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    • Trunks*

    • Haha okay, yeah that sounds pretty bad.

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