I think I'm crushing on this guy who isn't even my type, what should I do?

I seem to have developed feelings for this guy friend of mine, we have known each other a few years now and I found out he liked me about a year ago when my friend told me how he felt.
He is quite shy though and when he finally talked to me about it he just wanted to hang out and get to know me.
I find that I'm nervous around him and he makes me laugh and we can talk about lots of things and like the same things- movies, tv shows and share the same sense of humour.
He has some traits I dont like like smoking even though he has quit for a while now, he uses innuendos around me and my friends which I dont like and Im not sure I find him 100% attractive because he is a little chubby and not my type in terms of looks at all.
I dont mean to sound shallow because I'm really not but its important to me to feel attracted... but I do... and I'm feeling slightly turned on by him like we might have sexual chemistry and we flirty a little and can text all day on and off.
Are we attracted and what should I do... my heart says one thing, my head says another :(


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  • Follow your heart and see what happens.

  • I get that u don't want to sound shallow but you really do. Sorry, but basically what your saying is this guy is perfect but he isn't good looking enough for you. If the guy likes you he would likely be willing to go on a diet, or stop using inuendos to make you happy.


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