We like each other but can't date? Help!

me and this guy like each other. he's two years younger than me and I went to school with his older sister. and I was told if I talk to him I will get beat up by a guy older and a lot bigger than me. if we told anyone that we even so much as talked to one another a war would break out. I just wanna be able to date him with out being killed by everyone and without ruining his life and making him a social outcast because I am a social outcast and very much hated. everyone seems against us being happy. what do I do?

never told anyone but people starting finding out and he got scared. he said we shouldn't talk anymore and he can't like me. I really like him and I see him all the time, he tries to act like he doesn't know me.
the guy who threatened me stopped and just recently started being nice to me.and by the way I'm a junior in highschool.


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  • thats rediculous nobody will beat yo up and if they threaten you again, make sure you either have it in writing or tell someone immediately (school counselor) or whatever. trust me it takes a lot of guts to realize that people can't touch you,


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  • if his freinds ditch him becuz of you they ain't his true friends!

    and a dude can't put his f***ing hands on you that's just bs

    f*** wut everyone around you thinks

    im guessin ur in middle school?

    its the cruelist time lolz

    but who cares wut they think theyll get over it and find someone are sumthin else to attempt to ruin lolz its life people are cruel

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