How to tell if a friend's friend has a crush?

There's a friend of a friend of mine that is kinda awkward. He always makes his way towards me at parties and has asked me a lot of questions about me (he's been a little intoxicated every time though).

We work for the same company so I see him at gatherings and he always finds me and smiles, says hey but never any questions. He's also popular at work so he's constantly with people.

Our mutual friend gave me his number and said the guy would "love it" if I was the one to invite him on a group outing we were already planning.

Our other mutual friend said he really likes talking to me, etc.

I think he's cute, but I know he has hooked up with at least one other woman at a party we were at. I don't know if I can take him seriously/what our friends are saying? Should I bother? Could he be interested?

He's also two years younger


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  • Sounds like your friends are setting you up and he is likely behind that. Congratulations.


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  • Ask your mutual friend to find out for you