Am I in a emotional abusive relationship? I feel helpless and confused I don't no why this is happening 😢?

I think I might be in a emotional abusive relationship, we are together 4 years and the first 3 were actually perfect, this past year it's been fights, he's been calling me names, never apologies for anything that he days or dose, he ignores me for a week if he's annoyed with me, I can't bring up stiff because he just goes crazy! The other day he started saying ' I have seen your true colours and I'm disgusted you only care and think about your feelings' he called me a bully , he said I'm not grown up enough to handle conflict with him. I never want to argue with him or fight but he will fight about everything, he says I'm a lier that I do want to fight and when I says things like ' no I don't I love u stop this ' he'll say things like ' HAHAHA sure OK whatever fu*k off ' he texted me the other day because he was annoyed that my friend Kelly started to follow one of his female friends on instagram. Now I have never met her he won't let meet her , I don't mind him having females that are friends but he says that my friend is just 'sniffing 'his friend out? My friend knows her trough mutual friends. He said ' you and Kelly are 2 bullys fuc*ING bullys is all you are following MY innocent friend how dare u, you have made me relise this relationship is a joke your a joke , I'm disgusted at u I'm done with this ' he told me to F OFF and stop texting him. He didn't talk to me for a few days. . Then he started texting me saying he wanted to see me and for me to stay over in his one condition. . only of it worked out. So me being stupid I went. He was nice to me.. he didn't say anything bad and was joking and laughing. I left this morning came home. Now I feel sad. Depressed and lonely. I don't no why :( I wish I could have the old him back. He don't take me out on dates and he actually said why would I try to inpress u. It's either go to his for a sleepover and that's it. We used to go out. He goes out with his friends more. His friends are his piorty. . not me. He don't say nice things anymore. I just feel like I'm being used. But sometimes he actually gets in my head when he says I'm crazy it's my fault I start to think God what did I do.. have I done something. Am I in a emotional abusive relationship? Thank yous x


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  • It definitely sounds like you are in a emotional abusive relationship. And if he is starting to get mad over stuff like your friend adding one of his friends and he is on his phone a lot more then normal then it sounds like he could be cheating on you. I'm not saying he is but it looks that way to me. I know that four years is a long time to be with one person but you can't live your whole life with a guy that is going to act like this. So I think you would be better off breaking up with him.


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  • He sounds like an asshole. Break up with him.


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  • well yeah I think so. But what has changed? I mean for three years you didn't see this coming at all? not even a sign? cauze no one can hide for three years so what did really happen? I think if you figured this out you will have the answer.

    • I think what started it off was his phone. I'm not a jealous type never have been really and ii always trust him but he began to bring his phone everywhere shower bathroom under his pillow at night and I mentioned once or twice but since then I haven't because his anger started there and then it just escalated from there with other stuff

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    • Thank you for your feedback 💙 it's so hard i feel like I need him tho because he had said before no one will ever treat me right. All these little things are stuck in my head.

    • He is so wrong and so lying. You will find the one that will treat you good he just doesn't want you to go so he can keep using you. you are strong just fight this needing and move on. It's hard at first but then you will just get used to it Good luck girl :)

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