How do I get him interested again after I freaked out?

There was a guy that I dated 5 years ago. I really think he's the only person I truly loved. But we were young and stupid and broke up over a fight where we both said things we didn't mean. Time went past, I got engaged which fell through, he got married. He always felt like "the one that got away" but he was married so oh well. So I thought. We ended up connecting and found out he was going through a divorce and met up for a drink to catch up. One thing led to another and we slept together and decided to see where things go but take it slow. When we saw each other or talked on the phone, everything was amazing. We have always really clicked. But the rest of the time I think my head went into overkill mode because I wanted it to work so bad. He would tell me he was busy with work and the divorce stuff and we worked opposite schedules, but he insisted he was interested and still wanted to see me. At first I was understanding. But the more it happened the more I wanted to make sure he wasn't leading me on, and of course got clingy. I'm usually a confident and independent person so I'm embarrassed to have acted that way. There's a chance that he was just really busy, there's also a chance he was trying to make sure it didn't get too serious too fast but didn't want to scare me off. I know that he cares about me. But this past weekend he told me he wanted to hangout and then ended up getting called into work and didn't bother to tell me. Saturday came around and he pulled something similar. Now I understand that at this point I had probably given him cause to back off. But I flipped and went off on him for ignoring me and lying and not just being honest about things moving too fast and feeding me excuses instead. He never replied. He didn't delete me from Facebook though. Now that I've calmed down, I think maybe he just needs time. Is it worth giving him some space and reaching out? Or did I blow it? Then do I apologize or just be casual and see how he's doing?


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  • Apologize and reach out