Was I a rebound to my gf? Or am I just being unreasonable?

So I was talking to my girlfriend that I have been dating for about 5 months. She says loves me and stuff. And I love her very much with all my heart. We are both 19. So before we started dating I was always the one texting her first. So naturally couple of days ago I asked her if she was taking to other guys while I was texting her in the beginning which she said yeah one guy which didn't bother me but then she told that that's why she didn't Always text me first. It makes me think she was interested in him more. I feel less of me. They were gonna go out but cancelled because she had to go out of town and then they stopped talking. It makes me think that I was a freaking rebound? That she wasn't interested in me at first which is okay because we hadn't met. We had just been texting. But we are basically best friends now. I know I shouldn't let this bother me because it was so long ago and in past. What should I do? I can't stop thinking about it. And talking to her isn't gonna make it any better. It'll probably make me look insecure. How do I make my self feel better or make myself stop thinking about it? What's your solution? What would you do?


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  • A rebound is more trying to get over a relationship and replacing that person with another one so to them the relationship is continuing just with a replacement person. In this case it's more she had 2 options, one fell through and you were the remaining option. Pride wise I can understand why it hurts, but why should it? You're benefiting from this and the other guy missed out. You're the one who now has her so who cares what happened before that, she's with YOU now and she's dedicated 5 months with you. She wouldn't have stayed so long if she didn't genuinely like you, so find comfort in that.


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  • Are you sleeping with her?

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