"Netflix and chill" or something more?


I've been hanging out with this guy for over a month now, we've eaten out a couple of times, but mostly just netflix and chillingXD but he always stays to like 4pm the following day. However, it's always in bed, I feel so far we've spent most hours in bed. He wants to sleep over eventhough I have my period... He's not with anyone else when we're out partying and if I'm not out and he is, he always come to my place pretty early... He's introduced me to his friends and we talk basically every day. Still.. he hasn't asked to be exclusive or anything... and he talks mostly about him self. I'm just used to- that if a guy is interested he asks a lot of questions, wants to actually hang out, do stuff during the day and so on... He confuses me.. and I feel it's too early to ask? Maybe I could say that I want to spend more time outside the bed..

Urban dictionary: Netflix and Chill. It means that you are going to go over to your partners house and f* with Netflix in the background


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  • Ya, there's an entire wave of guys that are "Netflix and chill" and tbh I think it's giving the rest of us that ACTUALLY DATE a bad name. I blame tinder, and TV, and video games. You may want to be direct and ask what he wants in relationship where he sees this going, etc.

    To be straight with you, in my opinion chances are this is his version of dating and it would take a lot to get him out of his mindset.


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  • it shouldn't hurt wanting to hang out a bit more.

  • What's "netflix & chill"? I'm being dead serious.

    • Remember the timeless classy image of a man being a gentleman and chivalrous and taking women on dates?

      "Netflix and chill"is the opposite of that, it's like just hanging out at someone's place and may or may not involve banging too.

  • Period sex is good for cramps so try it


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