Girls, Girls do you mind when guys you don't know very well are bold (but respectful)?

I'm old school in the sense I hate how people text and message for months before even one date, my parents met and dad asked mom out the first night they made it work until he passed away nearly 25 years into the marriage, and I inherited his level of straightforwardness, I'm respectful but I'll openly ask a girl out etc even if we've only know each other a short while and haven't got too personal, I'm respectful about it and only want something real so I'm not just going for sex, but girls do you mind when guys are that bold/straightforward? Would you give a guy a date who did that if he seemed decent etc, (know that a date doesn't make you boyfriend and girlfriend, it's the testing grounds for that, just seems like the first couple dates out got replaced with the first couple months texting

  • I don't mind guys who are bold and directly ask, if I liked him Id give him a shot despite the straightforwardness
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  • No, I wouldn't like that, I'm one of the people who has to text for a long time getting to know
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  • idon't mind