How to give up? Need some motivations, can anyone help please?

- Best friends with her ex
- Ex wants to get together but she's not sure what she wants
- She thinks she still has feelings for her ex
- Tells her ex everything, every public/private/personal things
- Acts like she likes me
- Knows I've a crush (I told her), rejected cause doesn't want to be in any relationship she says, we're currently friends (maybe).
- Likes nerds (I'm not a nerd)
- She herself is a nerd
- Uses/manipulates to get what she needs.
- Doesn't give a shit about me.

After all these cons, I don't know why the fug I still keep trying. I know I should just move on but I'm not moving. I've made the final decision to move on quite a few times now but after a day or two I just seem to give in. I need some real actual motivation that will not shake down my determination. Can anyone please help? Thanks!


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  • Are you trying to get over her? Are you dTing and meeting other people? You shouldn't be so hung up over someone that doesn't want you


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  • You want some actual motivation about your situation, WALK AWAY and start talking to other people which will help you to overcome that situation. it seems to me you are in love with her, I bet you she's fucking him as well.

    This is life, you live, learn and grow.


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  • A good motivator would be to embrace the thought that you don't deserve to suffer or be played with, you're more valuable than that. Go out, have fun, meet new girls!


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