Can you figure out what's going on?

I started hanging out with this guy and he'll text me to do little things with him. He recently started texting random pictures and joking around a lot more. We just went to a college football game together over the weekend. Went have some beer and had lunch.

Later that night he had a couple friends by his house and he invited me over. Turns out, there's a girl who was there that's interested in him. She told me, not knowing how I feel. He treated this girl almost the same way he treats me.

He swears that he doesn't want a relationship of any kind but when he found out one of his friends asked me to hook up, he looked pissed off. He begged me to be honest with him about if I was sleeping with the friend. I told him the truth which is that that'll never happen. But he looked pretty aggravated. Yet, he doesn't make a move at all! He innocently flirts.

I I guess my question is, do I seem to be friend zoned or is there a chance he may be interested?


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  • he doesn't want a relationship