Should I go for the kiss?

I went on a first date with an amazing guy who I find undeniably attrative in all senses. We hugged before & after the date but he didn't try to kiss me (understandable for the first date, we were at a bar). We have now arranged for a second date, im going to his place to watch a movie & have some wine which is much more intimate in comparison to the first. I know we had a connection but i almost felt like the first date was similar to a job interview, just so formal. I was thinking that this date i might break the physical barrier & try to sneak a cuddle and a kiss in.

My question is: Is it a turn off for the girl to make a move or do you find it attractive because theyre showing that theyre interested and relieving you of pressure?



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  • Don't go for the kiss. Give him clear signs so he can be more confident in going for it.

    It's no fun if the girl does my job :(

    • What are some clear signs i can give off?

    • shit i dont know, ur the girl. I don't got the moves.

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  • Depends on what a kiss means to you. I think it also depends on what it means to him too, because how he is going to take it will have a lot to do with what that kiss means.

    A kiss could communicate sexual feelings, or it could communicate love and committment. Just make sure you are both on the same page, and the kiss will work itself out.

    • How do I make sure that we're on the same page without being too forward?

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    • yes, lol. I don't want to come on too strong yet but i want to know what he's looking for

    • I wouldn't initiate quite just yet if you are at that stage. You can communicate availability with your body language, like leering your head forward and so forth, but I wouldn't bring it up until you can kind of glean what it would mean to this guy.

  • Yes, totally go for it man.

  • The latter.

    My girlfriend gave me a kiss on the cheek in a parking lot after a lunch, making me think "Hmmmm, does she see this as more than casual friendship?"

    Clueless guys the world 'round will appreciate you making a move.

    • interesting! I was debating a casual cheek kiss to greet him, but i might be too nervous right off the bat, there's been nothing remotely physical yet.

    • I am pretty far up the line into clueless territory. We had been running to each other at tennis, and she invited several of us out to lunch after a match. (Or maybe she didn't, come to think of it...) I was the only one who showed up, and at the end of the lunch I walked her out to her car and she kissed me on the cheek goodbye. I took that as a signal that she was interested and saw me as more than a sporting companion. So, don't know about your case, but some guys can be pretty clueless, or hesitant about getting physical.

    • awe, okay well thats good to know! thanks!

  • It's not a turn off for a girl to make a move. Girl's should sometimes initial it instead of relying on guys to do so. But from what i'm seeing, it seems like you're about to have a great night!


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  • aww thats so cute!!! i'm happy for you :)
    i think for most guys it'd be great if you made the first move and initiated it! it definitely shows interest and takes some of the pressure off them. i think he'd like it. haha go for it

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