Is it better that he deleted his FB or does that mean he can't control himself?

I found my boyfriend liking other girls pictures on Facebook. Then I realized I needed to tell him how I felt. Now he has his default a picture Of us and status says in relationship. But he ended up deleting his social media. Does it mean he can't control himself?


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  • He cares so much about your feelings he deleted his social media. You may have a keeper girl.


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  • It means he doesn't want to deal with the drama or you being upset with him.

    • Good point. Do u think that I should have gotten mad over him liking other girls photos? Considering he has a relationship status up and our photo up?

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    • What r some signs of infidelity?

    • If he stops having sex or being intimate completely, then he maybe cheating. It's always hard to say. If he seems a little distant, then maybe something could be going on.

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  • I agree with @NerdInDenial that he must have deleted it because he didn't want drama, but to be honest I wouldn't like a guy that is my boyfriend to be liking other girls photos, so I understand how you feel. I find it sort of disrespectful.

    • Yes finally a girls perspective here. I did feel disrespected. Not enough to break up with him but enough to feel hurt. Thanks sweetheart I appreciate your opinion so much !:)