I feel like I try too hard for a relationship. What can I do to have better luck?

I am a college student in my third-year. I am unlucky in love. My friends always seemed to have no problem with finding pretty good guys to date, and I was admittedly jealous and felt a little left out.

I have since become more comfortable with being single and doing activities alone, but I still desire someone to be physically and mentally close to. I have never been in a relationship before, and I'm starting to realize that it may be something about me.

I met this guy recently that shared some of the same interests that I had, and I liked him a lot. I asked him for his number and he gave it to me.

We started hanging a bit, and we admitted we liked each other. We even kissed and he was very touchy-feely in a non-sexual way (holding hands, putting arms around my waist). The way he talked made it seem like he was interested in a relationship.

However, yesterday, he revealed he just wanted to be friends and wasn't interested in a relationship even though he did like me and found me attractive. This was all fine and really happy he let me know early, but I feel this happens all of the time.

Guys will find my attractive and like me but not enough to date me. They say they're not looking for a relationship, but they may or may no shortly enter one soon after.

- I feel like some things I may have done may have played a part:

- I planned many of our hangouts.

- I usually was the first one to text.

- I may have been too eager.

- I tried to find time to hang out with him (even though I had stuff to do)

I'm still new to this dating thing , and feel like no matter what I do I'm not good enough to date. Reddit, what can I do in the future to better my chances in getting into a relationship? Do I move too fast?

TL;DR I suck at getting a relationship. How can I get better?


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  • you born lucy or not, you dont become lucky later

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