Could age be the reason?

I really like one of my friends, but their is an age difference. (I'm 24, he's 18) but people always forget my age because I tend to get along with the younger crowd and look really young for my age. We just get along really well, have the same interests and career path etc.

A part of me feels like he likes me back. Looks at me a lot, tries to stand by me, ask questions, always laughing at my jokes. He even almost asked to hangout but I was busy that night.

Yet when we don't see each other, he won't text (I feel like I'm always the first one to), and he sometimes gives me mixed signals. (Obvious signs one minute, then just acts like a friend the next)

Do you think maybe someone mentioned the age thing and it's sort of made him take a step back?


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  • Of course, everyone is different and will view age differently. The only way to know for sure is to actually go out with him and talk to him about it. If he did take a step back, it could be because you rejected him. When a guy asks a girl out, and regardless of the reason, we feel rejected even if it's a legitimate reason. Did you tell him you were busy that night but really would like to go out another night? Did you tell him which day you were free to go out? And after you did that, because you if you didn't do that then you're guaranteed to lose him, did he still take a step back? Women have a great deal of power and control when it comes to guys, so you need to utilize that power properly and turn things in your favor if you want. I think the real question is, could age be the reason to you?

    • Well I did mention I should be out before the time he was going and later on when he was texting and mentioning he was at the movies I joked and said "thanks for the invite" but he replied with how me and my friends didn't invite him to the movies last time lol

      The next day though I initiated an opening for him to join me to get food later where he asked if I was still going so I said "well I don't know. I don't know if anyone else is going and don't want to go by myself" and he just replied "you can always get it Togo?" Lol very oblivious to what I said.

      To me, age doesn't matter at all. I'm one of those people who if I connect with someone it doesn't matter who they are.

      I do feel like though that our friends would find it weird. They are always commenting my age because they are younger and I sometimes feel like their comments keep reminding him that.

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  • I like a girl who's 30 and I'm 18 so I don't think that's it.

  • My mom is a year older than my dad


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